Khud ko jalana chahta hoon

Ajeeb Shakhs hoon Khudh ko jalana chahta hoon,

Mein khudh ko rakh kar kahe bhool jana chaht hoon,
Meray naseeb ki khushiyan bhi kab milli mujhko,
Bas ab to umer bhar ansoo bahana chahta hoon,
Najaney kitni mohabbat hai ranj-o-gham hai mujhey,
Koi bhi dard ho dil mein chupana chahta hoon,
Baha baha ke yeh ansoo bikhar chuka hoon bohaat,
simat ke zaat mein ab muskurana chahta hoon,
Jisey aik umer se Dil mein basa kai rakha hai,
Woh raaz aaj mein sab ko batana chahta hoon,
Wohi yaad hai jo acha kaha hai logo ne,
Baqaya sarey sitam bhool jana chahta hoon,
Mujhe zamaney nai pathar samjh liya hai magar,
Mein aik insan hoon sab ko batana chahta hoon,
Jo mujh se ruth chuky hain zamaney ki khushiyan,
To mein bhi khushyon se ab ruth jana chahta hoon,
Woh meri khwahishein woh mera khuwaab woh mera bacheni,
Umer rafta mein phir sai woh pana chahta hoon,
Koi to ho jo mujhe bhi lagaye seenay se,
Kisi ko mein bhi gham apna sunana chahta hoon.

How do you know when you're in love?

How do you know when you're in love
is it the crazy things you do
is it the fact that my heart skips a beat
everytime that i think of you
Is it the fact that I can't sleep at night
when your image is in my head

Or is it the fact that I can't stop smiling
after every word that you've said
Is it the need to hold you in my arms
and keep you there forever
Or is it the fact that I wrote you a poem
and sent it to you in a letter
Is it this awful feeling deep inside
whenever I have to take you home
Or is it just being here without you
that makes me feel so alone
Is is this hunger deep inside
that longs for your kiss
I am so happy that I'm in love
for there are so many things I would miss.

Love So Sweet

You woke me from my sleep
and drenched my heart with a love so deep.
When I look into your eyes
I see my reflection,
my feelings for you I do not despise.
You treat me like the princess I should be
by pouring your sweet and sensual love all over me.
When I see you bitting your lip and anxiously trying to kiss me,
I debate in my mind whether or not I should let you taste me.
You stand there all quiet with your sexy body,
and I think in my mind, "Oh, my gosh, what a hottie."
When I hear you speak, all your beautiful voice does
is make me weak.
I love you for this and
I love you for that,
but you love me for everything and that.


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