A is for All the times you told me not to be scared.

B is for Being there because you really cared.

C is for Crying with me, because you knew I would.

D is for Daring me to try when I didn't think I could.

E is for Everything you've ever done for me.

F is for Failing to mention what I didn't see.

I is for Giggling with me when no one else was around.

H is for Helping me up when I fell to the ground.

I is for Intimate secrets we told when we were alone.

J is for Just sitting in silence over the phone.

K is for Kindness you never seem to run out of.

L is for Laughing with me when I did something dumb.

M is for My tears that you stopped from falling.

N is for Nasty things we said about the people we were calling.

O is for Only laughing when you knew I laughed too.

P is for Puddles thouroughly jumped into.

Q is for Quiet times we have shared.

R is for Running when I was Oh so scared.

S is for Standing by my side and helping me to believe.

T is for Taking my hand when I just wanted to leave.

U is for Unfolding your arms when I needed a hug.

V is for Verifying that it was just a dead bug.

W is for Waiting for me to tell you my worst fear.

X is for eXactly what I needed to hear.

Y is for Years gone by and friendships yet to be.

Z is for Zero times you weren't there for me


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